Cradeaux Alexander

Cradeaux Alexander
as Cory

Rohan Quine
as Rex

Heather Cairns
as Fiona

Elizabeth Arends
as Younger Pamela

Fergus Foster
as Paul

Maddie Crofts
as Jessie

Christopher Sherwood
as Lars

Hugo Wilkinson
as Younger Rex

Michelle Hudson
as Stephanie

Lily Barkes
as Younger Fiona

Imogen Smith
as Pamela

Max Dimitrov
as Younger Cory

Graham Pountney
as the Grand Witch


Solomon Watkins as Sam

Sara Kelly, Ruchika Jain, Anne Rason and Mark Lisseman as the Parishioners


Cradeaux Alexander – Writer and Director

Rohan Quine – Producer

Raffaele Nocerino – Director of Photography

Sophie Storm Killip – Assistant Director

Solomon Watkins – Sound Operator

Kiera Mayhew – Makeup Designer

Manuel F.R. Suárez – Gaffer and Camera Assistant

Caitlin Ross – Makeup Assistant

Viktoria Voykova – Makeup Assistant

Alex Manley – Runner

Lucy Stevens – BTS Photographer/Videographer